Shtuff I won’t ride without

On my trek fiddy two, bumpin’ down tha street
Sunshine’s out ta get me and burn my sexy meat
Protectin’ my sweet necessities with my fly accessories
To avoid that lobstah* action and get a pimp reaction


So I posted about what to carry in your bike bag, but what about on your own being (this is why bike jerseys have giant pockets in the back!) or apply prior to your ride (*cough sunblock and chamois cough*)?

I won't leave the house without this stuff

A. Helmet

B. Road ID**

C. Sunblock. Seriously.

D. Solid Food

E. Gelatinous food (aka Gel, Goo)

F. ARM covers!!!

G. Chamois cream 🙂

H. Optional: Heart Rate Monitor

Don't let this happen to you

Think I harp on too much about sun block in all my posts? The image to the right was taken TWO MONTHS after the burn happened. I was lobster red. I foolishly did not put on ANY sunblock, went for a 50+ mile ride (and bonked, by the way) and ended up with the most horrific tan line evah. Then I went to the pool at the gym and was laughed at by young adults, which is apparently nothing new for me.

The moral of my tale of woe is to wear sunblock. Even if it’s cloudy. There are sun protecting arm covers out there, they are amazing. I don’t leave home without them anymore.

Is there any gear/apparel you refuse to leave home without? What is it?

*I am from New England so I can totally drop that ‘r’ in lobster.

**Ever since I got the Road ID, I have felt SO much safer riding around (I ride long distances solo). I actually just wear it all the time now. What if I got hit while just crossing the street? I’m also a horrible driver – a serious car crash could happen any time! Essentially, you provide all your medical/health info on their site and paramedics/police/person who finds your body can call the number on your bracelet and find out your blood type/allergies/emergency contacts, etc. It also comes in pink.

5 thoughts on “Shtuff I won’t ride without

  1. the only thing I always take with me is my helmet. it's a Las Squalo and it rules.

    ps: what if your accident rips your arm off and then your RoadID can't be found?! WHAT THEN?!

    • I've actually thought about that! 🙁 They also have RoadIDs that attach to your shoes, but I figured it's more likely the shoe comes off than the arm…. eek!!

  2. Maybe the best answer is just get all the information tattooed on your torso. I mean if your torso is separated from the rest of you you're probably shit out of luck anyway.

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