Prague to Vienna on a Bike

In the Fall of 2002, mah daddy took me on a biking trip that started in Prague and went down to Vienna, Austria. It was one of the awesomest trips ever.

Biking between 50-80 miles a day, we stayed in castles almost every night. It was a fully supported ride (YES) and I had my fill of snickers bars and local food along the way. Below are a few pics from the ride. It was stunningly beautiful.

Kinda Spooky

Biking along vineyards

On a hill top overlooking the city

Confusing road signs

Dad in front of SAG-mobile

Let me know if you would like to see more photos. 🙂

After biking every day for a week, I felt like I could conquer the world. Thank you, Dad, for giving me this lifetime experience, and for the awesome daddy/daughter memories of riding across eastern europa.

Happy father’s day.

Where is the coolest place you have gone biking?

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