The Logistics of a Race Route

While we all enjoy watching bike racing (to whatever extent you actually do like watching the races.. or the crashes… or wondering why the jerseys are so ugly…), I found this article about the logistics of setting up a race route (in this case, the Amgen California Tour) super interesting.

Highlights include:

  • The need to book almost 1000 rooms PER NIGHT during the tour (so host city better have some hotels)
  • A route that can a good prep for the Tour de France (I’m OK with California being used as a warm up for Le Tour LOL). It makes me extra happy to huff and puff on the same hills as the pros.
  • Having to take schools into consideration. Already tough enough to deal with traffic to pick up your kid… sucks more if there is some sort of weird bike race type thing coming through town
  • Blahblah railroad tracks blah
  • Blahblah weather blah snow/rain/fires/landslides/riots/earthquakes/traffic or whatever other weather you get here in California. And yes, these are all types of weather here in Cali.

How do I get a horny, flag waving dude to run alongside me while I climb the hills in Malibu?

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