cycling > running

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp
And it read Sparky’s a pimp
Stomach’s like hell but no throwing up
Half way to finish and my GPS is blowing up
Today I ran a 5k
I got to say it was a good day.

-Modified Ice Cube lyrics

bitches, watch where yer goin'

So as the lyrics state, today I ran my first 5k. My time? 39 minutes. Yup. That’s right. 12.5 minutes a mile. Laugh all you want, but I freakin’ jogged the whole thing. And was passed by numerous women and children. Repeatedly. But hey, as my friend said, you can only get better, right?

So while jogging in the merciless sun, in my new overpriced Nike dri-fit visor, I was envisioning why cycling is so incredibly superior to jogging (or running, if you are fast, unlike me).

Here is my top ten list as to why cycling is better than jogging:

  1. The bike holds the water bottles, not you
  2. Less impact on poor feet and knees
  3. The thrill of being the motor of a machine!
  4. More changes of scenery (farther, faster)
  5. Generate more of a breeze when doing 15 MPH vs. 5 MPH
  6. Cooler gear – cycling shoes just look SO much techier than running shoes
  7. Various body positions available while cycling
  8. Requires more thought and attention
  9. Can get up to 50 MPH on a bike
  10. JUST CUZ

Did I miss anything? What else should I add?

As a counterpoint, here are some reasons why jogging MIGHT be better than cycling:

  • Cheaper entry barrier
  • Don’t have to clean chain/maintain bike
  • Accidents while cleated onto a bike really suck
  • Bike thieves
  • What do you think makes jogging better than cycling?

11 thoughts on “cycling > running

  1. 1. Less far to fall when you're a clumsy oaf like myself.

    2. You can tune out while running and go as long as you want

    3. Cycling makes my ass hurt…bad!

    4. You can run at any time – depending on where you live, you have to *drive* your bike to where you want to ride.

    5. Quicker reaction time when someone's either obliviously or intentionally trying to mow you down.

    6. If you have to stop to pee or for water, you don't have to worry about someone stealing your stuff while you're not looking.

    • Super good points. I need to get a small ipod thingie to listen to music while running. The butt soreness goes away after awhile, I promise!

  2. Why running > cycling (from my perspective so far):

    1) doesn't make your ass and girly parts sore.

    2) simplicity. Put on your running shoes and go.

    3) you sweat buckets and FEEL your body getting an intense workout.

    4) burn more calories in less amount of time (from what I can tell so far)

    4) cars are not as much of a threat.

    5) no scraping your leg on a chain.

    6) no flat tires.

    7) spandex is not required

    8) you don't have to wear shorts that feel like a diaper.

    9) you don't have to walk around in cleats.

    This is all my perspective so far. But I must said that I've enjoyed cycling as a complement to running and looking forward to gettig more into it! Running is just what I know better right now.


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  5. Great job on the 5K! I love running and I hate it at the same time. It’s such a great cardio workout which is why it sucks because it’s really hard, but it’s also great because it’s really hard. I feel that the better I’m running the more endurance I have for everything else.

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