Kitty Crime!

While sitting around, nicely showered and blogging about my ride of the day, I noticed The Kittens in the Bike Room lurking around the Food Box (my box of biking foods, mostly powerbar gels, Bonk breaker bars and electrolyte drink mix).

Now, this is not normal Kitten behavior. Generally there is romping, snoozing or eating. I quickly realize that… they ARE eating! MY GEL! One of my gel packets was torn enough to get gel oozing out, kitten bites all over the packet.

Below is a re-enactment of the crime. I believe the older Kitten (Spot) is the perpetrator. Snap, the baby, was an innocent bystander.

Re-enactment of the crime

The box has now been moved off the floor and into a cabinet. Below is a closer image of the Criminal Kitten. Do not let that look of extreme innocence fool you. He would murder you in your sleep for a pack of Powerbar Gel.

Wut iz this jell u speek of and how do i get it?

Have you ever caught a pet (or loved one) stealing your workout food!?

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