Death by Kitten

After I caught my kittens eating my cycling food, I cleaned up the bike room considerably of any consumables, hiding them in the kitchen cabinet. They are safe for now, until the kittens learn to open the cabinet, which will probably happen soon. Damn pesky kittens!!

This morning I hear yet a new sign of Kitten Trouble coming from the bike room – the orange baby is sharpening her claws on my camelbak! She has already demonstrated her prowess of destruction by murdering my best brown pair of heels, as well as multiple flip flops that have become rendered into swiss cheese. Maybe this is why my camelbak had sprung a leak!!

The baby kitten in question is sitting next to me as I type this, attempting to look innocent of all wrong doing. I shall not be fooled!

Have you had a pet chew on your sports equipment? How did you protect your gear??

Do not be fooled by it's cuteness. This thing is LETHAL.

2 thoughts on “Death by Kitten

  1. wow she is getting big!

    I have not had any 'shredding' problems, but one time Dexter hid a half-opened can of wet food in my motorcycle boot. I didn't find it for about 4 days.

    Couldn't really do much about that except flood it with scented cleaners, but if I catch him in the act of shredding I usually yell "NO" wait a second or two, and then divert his attention with an official kitty toy. For chewing, granny's bitter apple seems to do the trick!

    • Yeah, she is now a massive four pounds. 🙂 I should put something like a shoe next to her for reference on size. She's an itty bitty kitty.

      ewww re: wet food in boot. Thanks for the tip on the bitter apple stuff.

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