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This picture was taken yesterday by my sink. This is what it looks like all the time. Multiple water bottles, drying off, remaining gunky. Well, hell. There is a product that solves this issue. The Clean Bottle. The name says it all. These water bottles can actually be CLEANED.

How does it work, you ask? THE BOTTOM SCREWS OFF! Therefore, no more nasty icky moldy water bottle bottom that you just can’t reach. Viva!

Bottom screws off. The banana was just an extra touch.

Do you even put your water bottles in the dishwasher?

Also works in the dishwasher. I always feel like a FAIL when I put a water bottle in the dishwasher because really? It can’t clean all up in there. The steam just gets caught in the bottom, resulting in more soggy bottom.

I took the Clean Bottle on a date on my bike and around town in the car and guzzled from it often. A few notes:
1. Does require an extra tug to get the nozzle open all the way
2. The bottle is very firm/high quality. Not easily squeezable like run of the mill water bottles
3. Top of bottle is not interchangeable with run of the mill water bottles, so don’t lose the top
4. I like that it is clear – then you can see which liquid you have in there (ie reaching for the water vs. electrolyte bottle)

And of course, you can’t have a product called Clean Bottle without being involved in some kind of green-conscious efforts. Following text stolen from the website:
The Clean Bottle is made with 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastics, making it safe to use over and over. And 10% of all Clean Bottleâ„¢ profits are donated to eco and cycling friendly charities that you vote for.

Water bottle is about as tall as a kitten

I was super blessed to receive two water bottles for this review from Clean Bottle. One for me to review and another to give away to a reader!! I will have a separate post with details on Saturday, July 3rd with details on how to win a Clean Bottle from (Hint: You’ll need to be a fan of our Facebook page).

Want to learn more about this product, or buy one? Check out I’d also like to mention the kitten in the picture is sitting right next to me as I type this, purring. Yay for kittens and water bottles that can be gunk free.

10 thoughts on “Review: Clean Bottles

  1. that is pretty darn cool, the boys have tons of those bottles that just get nasty and in a few weeks i'm buying new ones.

  2. As I type, I have FIVE dirty water bottles by the sink. 🙁 The only one that will dry right is this clean bottle thing I reviewed. Not sure where you can find it in stores. How often do you have to throw out bottles? Some of mine are near their life's end. I feel guilty 🙁

  3. Bottle brush is what you need. Take the tops and boil them, then use a small old tootbrush to clean throughly.

    Also, the Camelbak Podium water bottles are far and away superior to any other bottle on the market. Try one and you'll know why instantly. I have over 60+ bottles in my possession, 57 of those were given to me for free, the only 3 I ever bought were the Podium's… and it's all I use. Podiums are to water bottles what a Porsche 911 is to automobiles. Everything else is just a Ford Fiesta.

    • I haven't thought about boiling the tops (good call, I'll give that a try). All old ..err and even new, toothbrushes end up being aquarium cleaning devices, so I'll have to parse out one for cleaning bottle tops.

      Even with a bottle brush I still don't like how inaccessible the bottom of the bottle is – that is why I like the concept of the clean bottle – i can unscrew (and boil) both the top AND bottom.

      I've never tried out the camelbak podium water bottles. I am hitting up the bike store sales tomorrow; if I see one I'll pick it up and try it out!

      LOL@Porsche 911 vs Ford Fiesta comment.

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  6. This bottle literally “doubles the trouble”… the threads.
    This is where 90% of the bacteria / mold will hide and thrive.
    Takes a few minutes to clean a normal water bottle with a bottle brush and soapy water and they’ll last thousands of miles.

    This clumsy bottle amplifies a very minor problem.

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