Street Sign of the Day: 4

OK! I didn’t crop this image because I wanted everyone to see the palm tree on the left hand side.

You know what that palm tree means? It means this picture was probably take in California. Hell, let’s pretend it was in Los Angeles. I would LOVE to see this sign in person.

I 100% guarantee if I stood by this sign for less than an hour, I would see at least 3 cyclists (ones probably not wearing helmets) CONTINUE on the WRONG way. Probably on the side walk. Possibly on a beach cruiser.

There appears to be a fascination with going against traffic, on a side walk, with no helmet (or light on their bike, if it’s at night) in the fine metropolis of Los Angeles.

Though I will be honest – I was walking across the street the other day to window shop at Nordstrom Rack when I saw a sign in front of me that said ‘Use Crosswalks’, with arrows in direction of the cross walk. I continued to walk right by the signs, and over to the shops. AND I WALK ON GRASS WHEN TOLD NOT TO.

But that does not invalidate this sign – when you bike on the WRONG side of the street, on the sidewalk, motorists in America DO NOT look to their right when poking out of a driveway, k? This ain’t England.

This does not exist in America. Yes, I took this pic while in London

Fed up of cyclists on the sidewalk? or do YOU bike on the sidewalk? Best be defendin’ that position, friend.

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7 thoughts on “Street Sign of the Day: 4

  1. I hate it when bikers are on the sidewalk and don't slow down. It's hard being a pedestrian in LA! Think people making right turns and not looking out for pedestrians, uuugh, how many times have I almost been killed? That being said, some of the streets are scary to ride on and the sidewalk is the only real safe refuge. I don't know, it's a catch 22?

  2. as a kid, on bike rides, my dad always had us ride on the sidewalk because a 5 year old in the street is scary. i think families with little kids should be able to ride on the sidewalk. if you're an adult, and capable of biking without supervision, you should be riding in the street.

    we never rode against traffic though, that's pretty dumb.

  3. I admit I am guilty of riding on the sidewalk from time to time, and in one particular section of road I would ride against traffic on the sidewalk. It is about a half mile section where there is no bike lanes and if you ride with traffic on the sidewalk then you end up coming to a freeway on-ramp and no sidewalk/bike lane/shoulder to ride on… Only reason I ride the section against traffic… But I have been hit by a car on that same section of sidewalk… So I ended up learning my lesson the hard way. Changed gyms so I don't have to go that way anymore… I love my bike too much to put it through that again LOL

      • It wasn't a hard hit, just someone looking to pull out of a parking lot and not paying attention. I thought he stopped because he saw me, but he was just break pumping it seems… Came out with some scrapes and sore wrists… bike didn't fare so well… $500 in damage on a $700 bike… Got everything fixed though and got a wheel upgrade out of it (paid half out of my own pocket for that though).

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