Random thoughts from today

  • While walking on the sidewalk, a “cyclist” on a beach cruiser, coming in from the opposite direction, almost ran me over. I “politely” stated “bikes ride on the road, not the sidewalk”. Her partner made a not so polite comment back.

    My sister, who was with me, commented that the cyclist’s boobs probably couldn’t handle the street riding. Her boobs were a step away from springing loose. Poor boobs.

  • I aimlessly started to bike today (I usually ride with a plan). I asked my legs “why are you going towards the big hills?”
    My legs replied with “We’re just legs. We just pedal. Ask the brain”.
    I asked the brain, and it said “I’m not the one steering. Ask the arms”.
    I asked the arms and they said “We just hold on to the bars. How bout you use those aero bars and give the hands a break?”.
    So I gave up and just biked and enjoyed the breeze. And apparently had internal dialogues with my body parts.

  • To the dood I passed twice on the 8 speed – don’t think you are all that fast for having passed me. I was stuck at a billion red lights and you took a short cut.
  • To the minivan that almost clipped me: Thanks for not killing me. I’d rather not die via minivan. That lacks glory.

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