Behind Enemy Lines

The Enemy?

So a reader sent me the following link, From Amsterdam to Cobble Hill by Bike, asking if the Euro style bikes are considered cool or are on par with a beach cruiser (aka The Enemy).

“Euro-style bicycle store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, that specializes in Dutch imports. That includes sturdy cargo and commuter bicycles by De Fietsfabriek (from $1,500) and Dutch ID (from $1,400)..”

Now, note the word “Sturdy”. That means “Heavy”. Like a beach cruiser. And $1500? My Internet Research indicated I can get an ugly pink beach cruiser for 10% of that price ($150).

While pondering the atrocities of bike choices (of which I am obviously an intolerant person), I was wandering in the mall and suddenly saw this (click on the image to see a close up):

Do Hello Kitty heads make the bike faster?

Several thoughts went through my mind, in the following chronological order:

1. oo! hello kitty store! cute!
2. oo! bike with hello kitty! cute!
3. waiiiiit a second.. that is a beach cruiser.. in pink.. THE ENEMY
4. but.. but.. hello kitty! does that negate the evil?
5. no. no it does not.

I then took a picture with my hi-tek cell phone to share with ya’ll.

What do you think? How many beach cruiser loving people are reading this? Does having Hello Kitty on the side of your beach cruiser make it cooler or lamer? What about Paul Frank?

Alternatively – have you ridden these Euro bikes? Is there a huge difference? Let me know!

11 thoughts on “Behind Enemy Lines

  1. HELLO KITTY!!! I can't get past the HK cuteness and don't care if it's a cruiser. It's like when that cute boy smiles at you and that's it, ur a gonner!

    HK, makes any bike cuter and cooler!

  2. I own a pink beach cruiser, to ride to school and back (my dad doesn't trustt me enough to let me take my other more expensive bikes to school)

    I love them, but only for short distances.

    Mine is a "simple" and has no paul frank/hello kitty anything on it, just a metal basket in the front and fenders.

    I, personally, can't stand hello kitty so I don't find that TOO much of a plus when it comes to how the bike is.

    I'd kill to try out the euro bikes though! lol : )

    • Any hills on your way to school? ^_^ Your dad has reason for concern – bike theft is one of the highest rising crimes out there. 🙁 I wrote a quick blurb on bike theft and how to lock up your bike so it won't get (hopefully) stolen:

      Maybe show your dad that you can lock up your bike so it's uber safe, and take out the sexier rides to school?

      If you try out a euro bike, circle back and let me know how you like it!

      • nahh, its only about a one mile ridee and straight down the road really.

        I WISH there were hills, or that I lived a farther distance away from school, then it would be a real workout.

        thanks for the url to the bike lock up blurb : )

        hopefully one day i'll try the euro bikes and get back to you on that!

        • Gurrrl, it doesn't have to be a one mile ride – bike out of the way, do loops, find fun roads to go down and back! My commute was around 5 miles, but on the way home I would turn it into a 10 mile ride. 🙂

    • I have little experience with them, so I will say they are 'okay'. Until I see one clogging up the bike path. Then it turns to 'not okay'.

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