The Hotties of Team Radioshack: Levi Leipheimer

Sorry male readers, but you can see lots of hot chick photos through out my blog, so this one is for tha ladiez (and guys who like guys) in tha house.

For those that read Bicycling Magazine, a 2010 “Fanguide” of Team Radioshack was inserted into the August edition.

I learned three things from this insert:
1. I am taller than almost every guy on the team*
2. I am heavier than every guy on the team
3. There are some srs hottiez on the team

So I would like to take this opportunity to review a few of these hottiez. Yes, I will continue using a z instead of an s, to emphasize the hawt. I will also intentionally omit Lance Armstrong (who truly has become a one word name person, “Lance”, like Madonna and Oprah) because everyone talks about Lance. Let’s shine some light on the others in the peloton that got Lance to where he is!!! It’s a TEAM sport (unless it’s uh not, like the Time Trials).


#1 Hottie: Levi Leipheimer

  • 5’7″ (Don’t worry, Levi, I don’t mind shawtiez), 132#, born in 1973
  • Got a Patrick Stewart sexy-bald-thing going on
  • Animal lover
  • Has a bad boy edge to him, with a suspended Twitter account going on!
  • Nice blue eyes
  • One of the best TT in zee world

Some more pics, complete with crude statements**:

This is his O-face

Is there a delicate way to reference that tongue?

More hotties to be featured over the next few days!!! Do you have a favorite professional cycling hottie (male or female)?

*I am 5’10”, if you truly wanted to know. In heels, I get up to 6’2″! Dang!
**I am pretty sure my mom doesn’t read this blog, so it’s all good. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Hotties of Team Radioshack: Levi Leipheimer

  1. Listen, if you can all ride like that, have the endurance, the physique, the strength, the discipline – as far as I am concerned all the riders are hot. Total admiration for world class athletes. Who want to stare at Brad Pitt and the typical American Hollywood image all the time. These guys are the hottest. 🙂

    • 10000% agree. I am thinking of reviewing the hotties of Team Astana next. Or do you think there is another one we should be checking out (literally aaahahah) first, Karen?

      • Doesn't matter. Support our athletes, and I need a cycling coach after I have recuperated from my broken leg 🙂

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