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How fast did you go? How far did you go? What was your elevation gain? Sure, maybe you have an amazing cyclo computer or crazy GPS watch that does all that for you (in which case, I’d love to hear more, post in the comments).

Or maybe you are like me, too lazy to reset your computer (OK I lied. I don’t really know how to reset the computer) or aren’t good at syncing your cyclo-computer with your desktop/laptop to maintain records.

Therefore, I figured I’d do a brief review of some of the GPS enabled phone apps out there.

who uses a nokia?

1. CardioTrainer: Available for Android
Pros: Immediately posts to Facebook which makes you look extra sport to your friends list, works for a billion types of workout options (elliptical, yoga, running, cycling, uhh swimming? How does that work??)
Cons: I’ve had friends notice that it doesn’t record mileage accurately, doesn’t store to Google apps or an easily importable/exportable flat file. Doesn’t log min/max elevation gain

2. MyTracks – Available for Android
Pros: Stores stats to Google docs, min/max elevation, min/max grade
Cons: Doesn’t post to Facebook, don’t differentiate between sport (not sure if this matters, though)

3. Cyclemeter – Available for the iPhone
Pros: Posts to Facebook, apparently does track elevation
Cons: Not available for Android phones

4. Mapmytracks – Available for the iPhone, Blackberry, a bunch of Nokias
Pros: Big online community site for the app, including accessing others’ local rides
Cons: Not available for Android phones, doesn’t shoe elevation
Odd: Apparently popular for yachters

What else is out there? Post a comment with your favorite tracking app, please include what phone type you use!

2 thoughts on “Biking/Running Friendly Phone Apps

  1. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get CardioTrainer to post to my facebook. It will update the "tab" on my page, but it won't make wall updates.

  2. I love cyclemeter as an app.

    I don't have a lot to compare it to, but it has worked pretty much flawlessly for me since day one. The only con I can think of is that the elevation plots have never been that accurate for me, but I think that is due to the fact that you need REALLY good GPS coverage ( 4+ satellites ) to compute altitude, and since I keep my iPhone in my rack bag while I'm cycling, that may limit the sky view.

    The app has a few other features that I don't use, such as twitter integration, but the unused extra features don't get in the way.

    In fact, since it lets you save routes, such as my To and From work routes, it keeps track of all of your stats on those routes and compares your results nicely on an in-app calendar. This, along with posting my results to facebook, has actually motivated me (both conscious and sub) to keep trying to beat my previous results, or at least up my median.

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