Street Sign of the Day: 5

When biking down the street with parked cars, I always try to look ahead and see if there is a human in the car. If there is a human, I try to always make sure that I can clear their door.

I saw a human in a parked car the other day while riding, and cleared the car right when the woman swung the door open (which, if I had been riding closer to the right, would have nailed me). Right as I wizzed by, she went ‘oops!’.

OOPS? LADY YOU COULD HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY HURT ME. How about checking for oncoming traffic before swooping your door open?

But hey – as a cyclist, we need to be the observant ones.

So this sign is to remind :
1. Drivers to glance in their rear view before kicking open the door
2. Cyclists that riding too close to parked cars is dangerous

But what I really like about this sign is the exclamation mark. I mean really? We all know that means the cyclist is swearing at the driver.

Oops, my a$$.

Or could that exclamation point mean something else? What do you translate it as?

By the way, this sign is part of an awareness campaign in Seattle. woot!

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2 thoughts on “Street Sign of the Day: 5

  1. Exclamation mark means you've spotted Solid Snake, and are about to call for backup/engage in hostile action.

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