Biking in So Cal – babes, hollywood and vistas

Dang, foxy biker babe, hollahhh

So here I am, showing off my new head condom (no, I don’t mean the helmet), I mean the wrap under the helmet. All the padding in my helmet wore off, so I needed something to protect my delicate girl skin.

Also rockin’ my regular accessories and my favorite cycling jersey that dad brought back from Italy for me.

So while cruisin’ down the street, getting annoyed at a dood drafting me the entire time (bad headwinds by the ocean), I roll into King Harbor in Redondo Beach. The bike lane cuts through a pier with stores, with a ‘walk your bike’ section. I usually do walk my bike, or at least unclip a foot and go really slow (high pedestrian traffic’) when I notice two things:

1. Lots of police. Therefore, I get my butt off the bike asap (Yes, they will and CAN ticket you!)
2. A table laden with biker friendly food (water, bananas, crackers, etc)

No Food For You

I stopped by the table, wondering if some kind of supported bike ride was going on. I stared at the sign ON the table, and realized it was the catering for House M.D., a show I actually watch and like. Then I look around and see a sign that says “you are being filmed!”.

Once I identified the following..
1. the food is not for me
2. police are probably there for filming
3. i may or may not be captured on film
4. Hugh Laurie is not within range

I bailed. Damn you, Hollywood, all up in my bike laaaaane!!!

Here are some nice pictures I took on my way home from the hills of Palos Verdes (click to see larger size):

Long stretches of road and lovely scenery

View from the top - worth the hills

p.s. A freakin’ bee hit my face while riding

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