buzz buzz uh oh

So there I am – biking along Palos Verdes, a beautiful sunny afternoon, the turquoise ocean on my right, scaling hillside on the left. Doing about 17 MPH and doing just fine.

This bee is a jerk

All of a sudden, a bug hits my helmet. By the sound of it, I figure it to be a bee. I stick a finger in the helmet opening to see if the bug is stuck in there, but no bug. Great!

A few pedal strokes later, the BEE STINGS ME! Right on the freakin’ head!

Choice swear words are uttered, nay, screamed from my mouth as I yank off the helmet and pull over.  I pick through my hair but can’t seem to find the remains of the jerk that stung me.

Now I start thinking – what do I do? I am pretty sure I am not allergic to bee stings, so that is good. But is there an aftercare? Should I go home? I was only about 15 miles out from my house – I didn’t want to turn back!

I trudged forward, grumbling about the pain but refusing to be a big baby about it. I mean, heck, having just watched the gory crash and aftermath of a bike crash, a bee sting is nuthin! Peanuts!

Then I considered the additional irony that I wouldn’t have gotten stung if I wasn’t wearing a helmet. The bee wouldn’t have gotten trapped in the helmet and stung me out of jerk-ness. But whattya gonna do, eh?

Ever been bit / stung by a bug/critter while out jogging/biking/hiking/etc?

7 thoughts on “buzz buzz uh oh

  1. I've eaten a ton of gnats. I've gotten gnats in my eyes. I've gotten gnats up my nose. Mostly running, but quite a few biking… Extra protein. But I've never been bitten or stung by anything…

  2. had the same thing happen. Red wasp stuck in helmet stung my ear brutal pain. I was on a motorcycle so had to wait to pull over brutal pain. Stupid helmets. lots of bug issues on the Hog but its worth it..

  3. During the Aids Lifecycle ride at least one girl got stung by a bee. Many bugs hit me in the face, my glasses felt like a windshield, and I learned quickly to keep my mouth closed.

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