rough and tumble

Forget car racing and waiting to see crashes and explosions!!!!

Check out the video below to see a hardcore bike crash at 40 MPH (YES racers really get up there) and if you stick to the end, Bloooooood!!!

Awwwesome! The guys that were in the front, and prolly gonna win, just took themselves out of the action (plus a bunch of probably seriously pissed off doods) and the doods on the side just skirted ahead and took top place! Something to consider on the road OR in life – barge down the middle, jostle someone with your elbows, be a dick, get knocked down and thrown to the ground. Daaaaaaaaang, them’s deep thoughts.

Got any links to other hard core videos? (I DON’T mean xxx!!) Post a comment with the link 😀

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