gonna make you sweat till you bleed!

Man, I love C&C Music Factory. Talk about booty bouncin’ beats!

This would be me, except girl version.

 Today’s post is about spin class. Now, I am an avid lover of spin – regardless of if you consider yourself a cyclist or not, spin class is a grueling hour of sweat and perseverence that will burn enough calories to burn off the guilt of that donut you ate at the office.

One of my mid-20’s desires was to become a spin instructor. I would fantasize about having a military themed spin class, in which I wore a cycling uniform with a military edge, and walk around and yell at people to go FASTER, HARDER, COME ON MOVE MOVE MOVE!

For those that are new to spin, or are intimidated by it, I have here a brief interview with craftster Kate from Kate & Oli about her cherry popping spin class experience:

Spin Class Perception - Please wear more than a bra if you go to spin

Me: What was preventing you from going to spin class?
Kate: I thought that everyone would be at the same level and that I would drag the class down/not be able to keep up. Also, the cycle classes are always filled with very intense looking people with wiry bodies and 0% body fat, so I was bit intimidated because I didn’t fit the “type”.

Me: What made you finally decide to go? Peer pressure from a friend?
Kate: Well, you! You assured me that I could go at my own pace and there wouldn’t be a neon sign above me that screamed n00b! Also, you are so into cycling that your passion was just infectious. I thought it can’t be THAT bad. πŸ™‚

Me: What were your thoughts during the class?
Kate: Ok, during the class, I was super pumped and I was really digging the music selections.
I thought, “hey, I could do this again, I could be a cyclist!”. About halfway through, my girl parts began to ache. Then, they began to scream. Then, we climbed a neverending hill and I was dangerously close to thinking, “never again!” then it was over.

Me: Post-class resolution thoughts?
Kate: When it was over, I felt great! I felt accomplished, and worked out and sore and proud of myself for trying a new class. most importantly, over the next few days, I still felt the workout. I would definitely do it again.

ROCK on to Ms. Katie of Kate & Oli for braving AND surviving spin class!!

A, B & C are all adjustable

A few tips to make spin class easier for you:

  • Bring TWO bottles of water – you can freeze one the night before and by the time you get to it, it’ll be melted and nice n’ chilly!
  • Go to a local cheaper bike store (like performancebike.com) and get a cheap pair of cycling shoes and SPD cleats – wearing clip on shoes during spin WILL improve your performance and help you burn more calories!! (D on the chart) Plus, you look cooler.
  • It’s perfectly fine to wear padded shorts – you can always wear them under a pair of gym shorts, if you are concerned about girl delicacy.
  • Bring a towel – you will sweat… or *perspire*, if you are super girly.
  • Anything else you can think of that would make it a better experience?
  • If you haven’t been to a spin class, go try it out, don’t be afraid to ask the instructor to help fit your bike to you. Also, music can make the difference – if the instructor plays slow crappy music, it’s not as much fun. Don’t give up – try a different class/instructor!

    Now I want to go spin!!

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    1. Hey girl! Loving the website! I'm thinking about getting a folding bike when I get to New York to help with some of my commuting. But I have to say, haven't been hiking in, well, so long ago I can't even remember. Maybe a decade…

      So loving the information. πŸ™‚ Will definitely keep reading. πŸ™‚

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