Ugliest Bike Socks Evah*


It's the yellow teeth that really does me in

YES. These socks truly exist. Those are my sexy ankles, showing off a hideous pair of cycling socks. The socks were given as a gift to me by my well-meaning brother many years ago. I asked for cycling socks for my birthday (hey, they aren’t cheap, ok?), and he probably found these in a bargain bin.

To give him SOME credit, he knew the following:
1. I like cycling, and did indeed ask for biking socks
2. He knows his sister is ‘alternative’, wears a lot of black and likes ‘spooky’ things like bats and black cats

Therefore, this must mean I like killer clown socks. In the most garish colors possible. I know my brother does not, nor will ever, see this blog post, so I can say these things and not feel bad about possibly hurting his feelings. Unless my sister, who DOES read this, rats me out, but I trust her not to.

Or I will send my socks after her to do my evil bidding.

Do you have socks that are even uglier than these!? If so, I demand pictures! (And I will send my socks over to eat your socks).

*Again, I’m from New England. I got a ‘drop all the R’s you want’ card, as well as a red sox logo branded on my butt.

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