Bike Handle Bars – Optimal bra drying racks

I had posted about this on the Thrown Chain Facebook a few days ago but figured photo evidence could always be fun.

Handle bars - optimal bra drying racks

Handle bars – optimal bra drying racks

Ladies backed me up on this, but perhaps dudes need some more info. You see, dudes, bras are hella expensive and super delicate. So you can’t be putting them in the dryer; they need to be hung up. And don’t ask how often (or how NOT often) chicks wash their bras. I DO wash my sports bras almost immediately…almost. Depending on how much I sweat and how soon I might need to wear it again, and if it’s a FAVORITE sports bra, but I digress…

So you need to hang up the bras in a way that helps retain the shape so they don’t get all wonky. Also, we gals get super addicted to like, 2 bras out of the 293847 we might or might not own. So we only want to wear those two, over and over. So hanging them up also puts them in the immediate ‘ohhh there is my favorite bra, I’ll grab it right now and wear it today’ spotlight when we stumble out of bed in the morning and get ready for work/school/whatever.

So there you have it. Whether or not you wanted to know, a bike’s handle bars make for great bra drying racks.

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