Peer Pressure: Alive & Well during Adulthood?

A beautiful Southern California afternoon. My plan: Bike around and then attempt to jog 3 miles (essentially Brick 2 of a Triathlon). I planned to jog at the local high school track, which is not only quite lovely but easier on the ol’ knees/feet.

Typical California Teen

Typical Teens

I end up at the track around 3:30 PM. I thought today was the last day of school, as a friend’s daughter was done with school as of today. Bike into the track area and there are teenagers everywhere! They were… holding books.. and walking around with back packs…and sitting on the wall right where I would have to walk by to get into the track area.

I stood and stared around for a bit, confused. What were these teenagers doing here? Shouldn’t they be.. elsewhere? I could also see a football team on the field, practicing. I bailed, then returned and stood around a bit more. After awhile, it dawned that I may seem like a creepy pedo, scoping out the local teen meat on my bicycle or something.
Heyyy baby, check out my cannondale!

What was restraining me from marching past those teens and jogging on the track?

Complete self consciousness. I didn’t want all those teenagers staring at me, judging. Especially once I got on the track and slogged around with my attempt at a ‘jog’. It’s like being a self conscious teenager all over again. Here I am, 32 years old, and wanting to avoid the judgemental stares of teenagers. How does it still have any power over me?

They will snicker at my thighs

Needless to say, I decided it would be ‘creepy’ to ‘lurk’ around teenagers and biked home, planning to jog ‘later’ (aka not jog for the day). Do you ever find yourself daunted by teens?

Remember, I live in California where apparently they are done with puberty by 13 years old and truly DO walk around in ‘daisy dukes and bikinis on top’, to quote the lovely Ms. Katie Perry. Right dawg?

3 thoughts on “Peer Pressure: Alive & Well during Adulthood?

  1. LOLz! If it makes you feel better, I NEVER outgrew my teen angst. Well in my 30s, a group of teen girls can still scare me 🙁 Sad huh? You're not alone!

  2. My teen social pressures still exist. Thankfully, as a male, it takes the form of "could I beat up these punks if shit came to a head?". Thankfully, as a fairly developed adult, the answer is yes. Do I feel shame at honestly considering whether or not I could beat up a bunch of teenagers? As an adult, yes, I do.

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