What to stuff in your bike bag

So you got a bike (hopefully) and you are ready to ride (hopefully).
Maybe you are going to brave cycling with a local bike club… or just tool around the neighborhood and try to go more than 5 miles from home. Sure, you want to pack your cell phone in case you need to reach out and call someone, but what else should you bring?

Note: Do NOT talk on your cell phone and bike at the same time. It’s dangerous. I should know. I was doing that one day and crashed. As I fell over I screamed “F-*****-CK!!!!” and then looked up to see a whole class of kindergarten age children on the sidewalk, staring at me. *guilt*

junk in my trunk, click to enlarge my booty

A. Spare tire tube

B. Tire patch kit

C. Tire levers (you can find them in PINK)

D. Key to house

E. CO2 cartridge (hand pump days are over! This is soo easy to use)

F. Expired license (or you can photocopy your license and carry that)

G. Sunblock (for touch ups, if on long ride)

H. Chamois cream for when you start out to only do 10 miles and then end up doing over 40 and need a uhhh “touch up”

I. Lil tool set – trust me, my cleat came loose in the middle of a century and I had to borrow a toolset from another rider. I promptly went and got a better tool set.

J.  The bag. With a blinky light shoved onto the back. Trust me – just keep the blinky on there even if you are biking during the day. You never know when clouds will take over and/or you get stuck in the dark.

Did I miss anything? Is there anything you always carry in your bike bag?

Multi Use Kitten

2 thoughts on “What to stuff in your bike bag

  1. that's like my favorite lolcat of all time.

    ok for real:

    multi-tool. it's a topeak 10 or 12 tool thingy

    knife I found at the hockey rink


    15mm wrench (so I can easily get rides home haha)

    pearl izumi arm warmers

    novara gloves that I try not to use because they hurt my hands

    u lock and cable

    beanie so my poor little ears don't get cold

    sometimes a regular cycling cap

    usually a hoodie

    sometimes a tube/patch kit

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