Fashion Week: Helmets

Welcome to the kick off of Thrown Chain’s cycling FASHION WEEK!
Ironically, I am a pretty UNfashionable person, but even I get sucked into fashion decision considerations.


Who said helmets have to be dorky and lame? Helmets can be sexy!

YAKKAY (in Denmark, hence the weird company name) sells helmets that don’t even look like helmets, that are completely adorable as well.

Essentially, you buy a ‘base’ helmet, and then you can buy different ‘hats’ that fit over the base.

Here are some pics:

Helmets are around 67Euros and the covers are around 45Euros. That’s around $160USD, which can be a little bit steep. But that is the price one pays for a super cute helmet?

Does anyone own one of these? Send pics?

4 thoughts on “Fashion Week: Helmets

    • Yanno, I thought the same thing looking at them. Especially a black helmet. I haven’t seen them around Los Angeles; I’ll see if I can find someone that has one for a review on the heat issue.

  1. these helmets are the epitome of dorky and lame.

    nobody looks cool in a helmet. trying to disguise it just makes it worse.

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