Fashion Week: Precursor

So Fashion Week here on Thrown Chain hasn’t yet officially started, as no one should be online during a three day weekend.

Therefore, if you need a quick smile, here are two cycling fashion related posts on one of the best sites on the interweb, The Onion.

Cyclist Friend Explains Necessity Of $35 Socks

“Throughout the 10-minute conversation, Coseglia, who took up biking several months ago and rides an average of 6.5 miles two times per week, repeatedly drew comparisons between his special socks and regular socks, telling a politely nodding Washburn that the differences between the two are “night and day.””

Roommate All Into Cycling Now

“…I keep finding these little lycra racing outfits draped across the radiator.”

Aaaand not bike related but probably the best Onion post evah:

Kitten Thinks Of Nothing But Murder All Day

Have a favorite Onion article or bike humor article? Share the link in the comments!!!

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