Fashion Week: Shoes

I personally love cycling shoes. The blog post lovingly detailing my new s-works is proof of that.

But not everyone wants to wear the sleek, sexy cycling shoe of SIDI or Specialized or whatever brand you prefer. Not to mention that it can suck to walk in cycling shoes.

Yet you still want the ability to clip in for that extra OOMPH!

Hence – DZR (District ZR) Shoes. Normal lookin’ kicks (although a bit hipstery/bland in my eyes) for the savvy cyclist.

Check out the secret cleat


  • reflective strip on shoe
  • embedded cleat for easy walking
  • high rise or low rise option
  • size 10 for women (I have big feet)


  • bland color options
  • women’s sizes start at a 6 – sorry, small footed ladies
  • SPD only
  • dumb names like ‘concubine’

The shoes are fairly priced, between $100 – $120 (they are made from leather).

I’d even consider a pair, but I like my kicks to be bright, loud and sassy. Kinda like me.

My commuter bike has dual pedals – “normal” on one side, clipped on the other, so I have the option.

What’s your opinion? Yay or Nay on easy-to-walk-in clipped shoes?

4 thoughts on “Fashion Week: Shoes

  1. Love that the soles would be flat, BUT hate the colors and style. I kind of like everyone know that I ride! These would totally not coordinate with spandex….:)

    • EXACTLY – boring colors, boring styles.
      We fabulous biker bitchez need loud and proud colors! So yanno.. we can 1. announce to the world how awesome we are and 2. hope the world sees us and doesn’t hit us with their car =X

  2. waiting for the DVS x Cinelli jawns to drop. I don’t care about clipping in since I have cages and straps.

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