Fashion Week: The Hat

Pic from Hat + Helmet

I’ll be honest – now that we all wear helmets, how does one get to wear the cool cycling hat? Do you wear it under the helmet? Do you be a rebel and just wear the hat? I guess tomorrow I’ll shovel a cycling hat UNDER the helmet and see how that works out. I foresee a sweaty head. Hence why I like the Halo II headband I reviewed.

But hell – the hats DO look pretty cool by themselves, if you ask me. And if you’ve done rides/races (either running or biking), you can now take all those annoying race numbers and get them turned into a hat! Damn, figures I’ve thrown mine away. Now I have to start saving them.

ElevenGear says they need five number cards to make a hat. And heck, if you were like me and didn’t save them, they can provide them! Or even better – if you are a lazy goober and never did the rides but want to look cool, they provide them for you! I’ve ordered from ElevenGear before and you can check me out wearing my State of Aenerobia outfit if you click here.

Yes, I want a cap that says 69

$27 bucks and it’s all yours. Or if you don’t have numbers, $34. And if you have WAAAAAAAAAAY to many numbers lying around, you can even get a matching windbreaker. Dang.

Cool or not cool? Would you wear one? Do you even wear a cycling hat?

2 thoughts on “Fashion Week: The Hat

  1. It looks alright I guess but I’m not really into a white hat.

    I have a couple cycling caps that I wear now and then. I have kind of a big head though so they’re not always super comfortable. I want to pick up one of the 3 panel jams from Walz (tried one on at Helen’s and it was sick). It fit nicely even over this dome and my stupid hair.

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