Sugar – The Unsexy Stalker that Wants to Get Jiggy with You

After drastically changing my eating habits to lose weight, including eating a lot more vegetables and animals in original format, I have started to become REALLY aware of the foods we eat.

Bottom line: HOLY SH!T THERE IS SUGAR EVERYWHERE! Wanting to get INSIDE ME. Get me all jiggy and jiggly.

Sugar is a secret stalker and dare I say, a serial rapist!?!?

I did a quick comparison of a ‘standard’, “advertised” American breakfast of what we are being told is healthy for us, versus the kind of breakfast I guess we maybe ate fifty years ago (or that I am eating now, on a low carb diet);

Is sugar lurking in YOUR life??

Is sugar lurking in YOUR life?? Note measurements are in grams.


The carb count!! 79 net carbs versus 3.5. And FYI, carbs ARE SUGAR. Saccharide is a synonym for carbohydrate. And the word saccharide is derived from the Greek word for sugar. God, I love wikipedia.

I thought we needed carbs. But “no carbohydrate is an essential nutrient in humans”. And it’s true. There are NO NUTRIENTS in the carby things we eat that we can’t get elsewhere. And that includes ENERGY.

Yes, the second meal does have more fat. But it’s healthy, natural fat which means you will feel fuller, longer and not be starving by the time lunch rolls around.

We are here to gang bang you, but don't worry - we'll be sweet about it.

We are here to gang bang you, but don’t worry – we’ll be sweet about it.

I’ll leave more technical detail on the order in which the body digests these various components, how it responds to them, etc for a future post. For further reading, here is some science. I also really like this article about all the surprising places sugar is hidden in our foods, that we are lead to believe is ‘healthy’.

Do you already eat ‘whole’ foods and think about sugar? Or! Look up one of your favorite foods/snacks right now and see how much sugar is in it. Lemme know what you find. My big surprise was low fat yogurt. 🙁

One thought on “Sugar – The Unsexy Stalker that Wants to Get Jiggy with You

  1. Sugar is toxic. Plain and simple. But damn, we all love it. And we are addicted to it. Which makes us crave it. And want it. And buy foods that are terrible for us and cause disease.

    Sound familiar?

    I used to have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Seriously, it was beyond. And now it’s gone. It’s weird. I still indulgence occasionally but i have tamed the beast.

    Try and tame your sugar beast by removing sweetener from your coffee. It will be hard as help but I swear to you it will change your taste buds.

    Here’s more reading on sugar if you’re interested:

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