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So I started getting a box of organic veggies and fruits delivered to my work place weekly, as described in this post. Also, I am happy to report I am now down 15 pounds and would like to lose up to five more. w00t.

Now, this organic box has really broadened my range of veggies, which I thought was already pretty broad. I get all these freakin’ LEAVES in there, I have no idea what is what, and have to look up the names on the internet and match the leaf. I feel so goobery. And then have to look up recipes. I mean, wtf is sorrel? I had to look up sorrel. Apparently sorrel is very popular in Europe – they used it in and on everything, up to and including their mother.

The good news is, my sister is a serious vegetarian (pretty much has been her whole life). I dump all the high carb and stuff I don’t like on her, so I’m not wasting food. I support a starving artist!

I will take you on a picture journey of all the leafy rabbit food I’ve gotten in my basket for the past two or three weeks.

Apparently you can eat the greens of a turnip. I don’t remember what I did with the turnip itself. Maybe turned it into a dip. Or that was a radish. I did not eat the greens. I think I gave them to my sister. Or perhaps that was radish greens. I did try it first.

This leafy monster is called sorrel. Turns out this stuff is awesome. It tastes like a bitter wild blueberry or bitter wild strawberry. I added small pieces of it to my salad and I really am into it. I hope to get more and get more creative with it in the future.

I am only familiar with oregano as a dried flaky thing that comes in bottles and quickly expires. So I got a bundle in one of my baskets. They advised I hang it upside down to dry it out in a dark place. So I’m pretty sure this bundle of leaves is still in my closet.

This has been in every basket since I started and I love it. But I had to go buy a salad spinner (so lame) because you really gotta clean it off (grit, ugh) and it sucks to dry manually. I own a salad spinner…

This is fennel. In general, I hate it. It tastes like licorice. Fortunately, my sister likes it. A friend served me sliced up fennel bulb with beets and it was pretty good. But I still will loudly declare that I hate this stuff.

I’ve heard of collard greens, but I’m from Massachusetts. Don’t they eat these things in the south? I am actually hoping to cook these tonight with some bacon grease. Let’s hope they turn out OK. They actually taste really good raw, too.

I had no idea there was a version of mint called ‘chocolate mint’. I don’t really care for mint but this stuff is AWESOME. I made it into pesto and covered green beans with it. WIN.

I love boy choy. I made a stir fry with it the other day. Was pretty happy when this lil cupcake cutie was in my basket the other week. It’s just so cute!!

I had NO idea what this was and it wasn’t on the basket list. I had to post to the INTERNET for help. Turns out it’s ‘red kale’. I love kale. But THIS kale sucks! I had to spit out a leaf. Better look up what the heck to do with it. Maybe give this one to my sister.

Have I overwhelmed you with the ridiculous number of green things you can eat? I know I am. I’ll stop here.

What is your favorite leafy green thing to eat?

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