Turkey Week!

Hrm Is that a lump of coal under the tree??

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I loved having all our family descend onto our house, and it seemed that first snow always fell that day. So we’d be stuffed full and then snowflakes would begin to swirl.

Thanksgiving is at my house this year and I’m REALLY in the holiday spirit! I now own a x-mas tree (and yes, my friends already pointed out that it is way too early in the season but bah humbug to them!) and have my menu planned out for Turkey day.

As previously mentioned, I have pretty much cut out all unnecessary processed carbs. I’m down 18 pounds, w00t. So here is my menu as per my new eating/life style habits.

  • Organic free range turkey
  • Roasted brussell sprouts
  • Turnip & Cauliflower cheesy mash
  • Mint pesto green beans
  • Yam & pumpkin mash
  • Home made cranberry sauce
  • Pumpkin pie

My sister is a vegetarian so hence the huge emphasis on vegetables (as well as the fact that I eat a lot more veggies now!).

More info on each dish:

  • I got some lovely yams with my organic box last week – they are too high carb for me so I will be cutting the carbs by cooking them with pumpkin.

    Pumpkins are great because they are sold pretty cheap (I got two sugar pumpkins for $3) and you can get a lot out of them.

  • Ordered the turkey from the same company. Mom said ‘get a turkey’. I get an email saying ‘you can buy an organic, free range turkey and we’ll bring it right to you’. OK. No brainer.
  • Got green beans in last week’s basket and in a prior week had used one of the company’s recipes to cover them in a mint based pesto, which ended up awesome. Figured it would help add a ‘bright’ tasting dish to the table.
  • My sister is making the brussel sprouts. She can rock those. If she wasn’t a vegetarian and I was cooking them, there would be bacon involved. VIVA BACON
  • If I had more time, I’d make a more ‘gelatinous’ cranberry sauce (I LOVE the slop from a can). But I’m going to make something more like this.
  • Also got some turnips in last week’s box. I love making ‘mashed potatoes’ with cauliflower, so I figured I’d cut the carbs of the turnips by adding in some cauliflower, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and butter. And whole cream. Yes. This shall taste good.
  • And last but not least a low carb pumpkin pie. I got ground pecan meal to make a tasty crust, and the rest of the ingredients are roughly the same except using stevia and whole whipping cream (versus condensed milk).

Can you tell I’m in the season and super excited??

What are you making for Thanksgiving (if you live in the U.S.)?

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