I’m pretty sure doctors are just vampires

I’ve had a strange series of health events in the past few months.

Sequence of events:

  • 9/17/2012 I got a bikini for a weekend trip and realized I had gotten chubby. I got the largest size this bikini came in and it didn’t really fit.
  • A few days later, went on a ketogenic diet and lost 10 lbs in three weeks!
    Sorry that this is kind of NSFW

    Sorry that this is kind of NSFW

  • Near the end of October, I realized that my depression was completely gone. For the first time since puberty. Gone. Amazing.
  • 11/1/2012 I had the worst period of my life. Most of my periods since my thyroidectomy were effing horrible.
  • 11/10/2012 My body started gushing blood (like, a second period) and I still to this day (1/2/2013) have been spotting/bleeding almost every fucking day.
  • I have been to a GP, OBGYN, Thyroid specialist AND endocrinologist in the past month, and still no answers.

I'm a little bitch when it comes to needles.

I’m a little bitch when it comes to needles.

My conclusion: Doctors are vampires, out to steal my blood.

I’m more than happy to donate a lil blood to keep these nightly fiends from stalking me in my sleep. But to hide this theft under the guise of ‘medical practice’ is just wearing thin.

My thyroid levels were already running high, and losing the weight pushed it over the edge; the doctor got the blood results back and told me to immediately go off all thyroid medication.

I guess the adage IS true, that you should ‘see a doctor before starting any weight loss program’.

IF YOU HAVE HAD A THYROIDECTOMY AND ARE READING THIS, PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR BEFORE CHANGING ANYTHING (pregnancy, weight loss, major exercise, stopping your birth control)!! SERIOUSLY!!! I stopped my birth control and got SICK. Turns out that BC suppresses thyroid hormones, so when I stopped, my thyroid levels jumped.

So I went off my meds for a week, started on JUST synthroid (before I was on cytomel and synthroid). Still bleeding. Apparently I shouldn’t be bleeding AT ALL, because when your levels are high, you wouldn’t even have a period. Why can’t I have THAT side effect!?!?!

ObGyn was it’s normal miserable experience of someone cramming their fingers up my hoo-haw, and declared my uterus ‘fine’.

Then I have to go BACK to the thyroid doctor to give up more blood to see how my levels are at now we changed the dosage.

Then I have to go to the endocrinologist who was surprised that my new diet has helped with the depression and saddened that the obgyn and the thyroid doctor didn’t want to help with the weird bleeding issue, so HE got some blood to test blood sugar and hormone levels, and now I get to go to the hospital for an ultrasound.

It took the RN three tries and both of my hands (it’s easier to get blood from my hand-veins) to fill up the needed amount. *sigh* My hands are throbbing right now in pain.

What I found interesting is that when the doctor started speculating that eating processed carbs/sugars was causing the depression (via blood sugar spikes), he was like ‘Oh I can give you a medication to help with that’. Now remember, endocrinologists very often work with diabetics, so they are used to this kind of thing.

I looked at him and was like ‘No. I’m DONE taking more pills. I already have to take the thyroid ones every day for the rest of my life!’. It’s not worth taking yet another pill just so I can eat food that isn’t good for me.

Changing my diet has really opened my eyes to how you CAN use food to ‘heal yourself’. Sounds super hokey, I know. Now I just have to wait and find out what the heck is wrong with my dumb uterus/body and get that fixed!!

2 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure doctors are just vampires

  1. Good for you. I completely agree that you shouldn’t take a pill to help maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. If we eat what we’re built to eat, maybe we’ll live/work/play better.

    Many of my fellow Crossfitters at CFP are doing Whole30 diet this month to see how much better a healthy diet can make you feel.

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