The Latest in Bike Helmet Fashion

What are the things you look for when going to buy a new bike helmet?
As light as possible?
Good air ventilation?
A color other than white, grey or black? (I personally now have a white helmet to keep it from heating up in the sun)

Or perhaps you always wanted a polka dotted pink bunny rabbit helmet to really separate you apart from the peloton?

Well, Raskullz has sensed your desire and made it come true!

Scare off your opponents with this fierce shark helmet

Hipster chic rabbit also comes in plaid!

Cat lover? Me too! Also comes in your favorite shades of purple and pink. Meow loud and proud while biking!

Perhaps you wish you could have the powers of a mighty insect. Or a lady bug. Why, I don’t know. I think this helmet is only bought by parents of children so young that the kids have no say, and must endure humiliation for the amusement of the parent.

Perhaps you don’t wish to channel animalistic rage while cycling. Your inner punk rocker wants to come out and this helmet will help! I remember once I had a head of huge green and blue dreads and I couldn’t fit into my normal helmet. This would have been a much better answer.

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