Satanic Thorn

On the edge of the story of thumbtacks at the Tour de France, check out this scary thorn that punctured my friend’s tire:

This thorn loves death metal. Picture by Jason Hullinger

According to it’s wikipedia page, this scary thorn is produced by a flowering perrenial called ‘Tribulus terrestris’. Since that name kind of sucks, it has some common names, such as “cat’s head, devil’s eyelashes, devil’s weed, devil’s thorn, goathead, puncturevine and tackweed”. Wow. See a theme in there? As in, OUCH?

Woah apparently this plant is an aphrodisiac.

But ultimately, this jerkwad of a plant releases these monster thorns that are death and despair to bicycle tires. Be warned, be careful!

Do you have any nature produced elements of doom, aside from rocks, where you live?

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