Dear Abby Quandry

I read Dear Abby almost every day. Went to the page to catch up and saw the below new articles:


My first thought was ‘OH! Bike related article! Cool!’ and RIGHT before I clicked it I saw the next headline.

Woman Refuses To Give Lover The Kind Of Pleasure He Wants

How do you NOT click that first? I mean, come on!

I think I clicked on the bike one first. Turned out it was a follow up to a parent crying about how their kid won’t bike without a helmet. Yeesh.

I see a lot of really passive parenting these days, where kids are the ones dictating the rules. It KILLS me. WHY IS A CHILD TELLING YOU, THE PARENT, WHAT TO DO??


Take away the bike if they won’t wear a helmet. Get creative WITH the helmet. /sigh

ALSO as a parent, YOU wear a helmet TOO when biking. I see parents out biking with their kids but not wearing a helmet, while their kids do. It’s called being a ‘role model’.

Here is the link to the other article. She never mentions what the sex act is. It’s either oral or anal, if you ask me. Either way, she probably doesn’t need to wear a helmet.

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