MasterChef Christine Ha

OK I’ll be honest – I am madly in love with the show MasterChef. It’s one of those ‘cooking reality shows’ with Gordon Ramsay yelling at people (but not as many swears).

I normally don’t watch these shows and never saw the other seasons before, but Season 3 sucked me in solely because of one person – Christine Ha. Christine is legally blind. I was like ‘they are pulling our strings – she can see, there is no way a blind person can cook in this kind of show’.

Well obviously that is not the case – she is in the top 5! I now follow her on Twitter, FB and best of all her, fan-effin’-tastic blog. She has an amazing sense of humor, very witty, and makes cooking sound so easy. I got NO vision problems and tonight I had cereal for dinner. I just found another frozen meal, so that is probably dinner for tomorrow.

If Ramsay was that close to me, I’d grab his ass

Well, Christine not only can cook up a storm, she has gone snowboarding, skydiving and (best of all), got a tandem bicycle so she could bike with her husband.

I remember my last boyfriend saying several times that we should get a tandem bicycle. All I could think was that we would probably get in a massive fight while biking and break up. Talk about a teamwork effort.

Do I have any readers that ride tandem??

And anyone as obsessed with MasterChef as me?

2 thoughts on “MasterChef Christine Ha

  1. I’m obsessed too. What I love about the show is everything Christine, because she is so darn sweet. She obviously cooks better than most any other amateur too. The challenges are interesting, especially the “mystery box” challenge, like when they made puffer fish. I got started watching last year when my Dish coworker suggested I watch, and although I’m glad I started, it is better that I can watch commercial free now. I use Auto Hop to skip commercials on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings and it helps me get the hour long show done in 40 minutes. That gives me more time to watch another show, or get to bed a little earlier.

    • Have you read her blog at It’s freakin’ awesome. She has a crazy sense of humor. She mentioned that the show heavily edits it to make her ‘look like an angel’ but she really DOES look like an angel! And she has MAD SKILLS.

      I watch it on Hulu, I’m with you – commercials suuuuuuuuck. I also sometimes skip through the cooking parts. Do you watch any other cooking shows? Cupcake Wars and Chopped are pretty rad, too.

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