Screw you in the lady face

So we have a mini-mountain around these here parts called Lady Face mountain. I decided today to try to hike part of Lady Face mountain. I learned a few things.

1. Bring a Sherpa – I’m pretty sure half the things I walked on were animal runs, or just patches of dirt that looked like a path. There was no path.

2. Get hiking boots – Sliding around on my ass because my sneakers slipped out from under me was not what I envisioned for this hike

3. Bring others – In case I don’t get a Sherpa, bring other humans so that someone can go back to civilization to get medical attention when I fall and break everything

4. Wear longer pants – Every cacti & plant got a bite of my juicy, tender, delicious, sexy legs.

So I am foregoing running tonight so I can wash the prickly feeling of plant and grubby feeling of dirt off my battered body.

Lady Face mountain – you won today, but I will be back. And I’ll climb you to the top and show you who is boss!!!

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