Cows, Coffee and Bikes

I am currently back in Massachusetts in the north shore, staying in Hamilton (est. 1638). It’s fairly rural up here, much more rural than where I grew up in Andover, Mass (est. 1646).

Talk about prime biking!! The weather has been spectacular, there is almost no traffic, and I bike through forests and swamps and ponds and it’s just so awesome.

There is also another huge benefit to visiting the family back in Mass – DUNKIN DONUTS. Yes, my gluttony runs deep when confronted right now with Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

Intergalactic Coffee

Right now, DD is doing a promotion for Men in Black 3. So they have some kind of stupid ‘intergalactic’ star shaped donut and black and pink straws. Which are, admittedly, kind of cute. And posters with tentacle rape or something going on with them. I’ll try to get a picture of the tentacle rape. No joke. It’s really creepy.

Got a few cool reviews of various techno-geek stuff going on, and I’ve also begun training for a triathlon, so hopefully I’ll not be lazy and keep updating with everything going on. Feeling positive. 🙂

I will conclude this post with a picture of a cow. I moo’d a lot at the cow, but I think I spoke the wrong dialect.

What part of MOOO do you not understand???

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