Product Review: Fuji Crosstown 4.0

Last year I rented a Jamis Citizen while home in Massachusetts to bike around on and concluded that I hated it.

Hate is a strong word. I rarely use it.

But I EXTRA hate the Fuji Crosstown 4.0, which I rented on my most recent trip back to Massachusetts.

What is the use of this bike??? After just three miles on the bike, the insides of my thighs were rubbed raw because of the MASSIVE saddle that ground up against my skin and clothing. There is no reason to have a saddle this big and mushy. I sank into it and pretty much waddled the next few days because of the pain (I did ten miles in the bike and called it quits).

Sure, it looks deceptively ‘cute’ with it’s color scheme and ‘hey, I’m chill’ demeanor, but don’t listen. This bike is crap. It will make you hate riding.

Does this huge saddle make my ass look fat!?

It has seven gears and shifts by rotating the handlebar (always a minus in my book). What is this bike good for? It’s not as cute as a beach cruiser (which I also abhor), nor as useful as a commuter bike.

Do you own one of these monstrosities? Do you actually like it? Help defend it from my cruel tirade!

One thought on “Product Review: Fuji Crosstown 4.0

  1. I am also very much against that style of shifter. When I first saw rapid-fire shifters in the late 90s I thought, finally, somebody’s thinking about where your thumbs are when you ride. And I never looked back.

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