My Super Cool Cycling Costume

So right before I had my thyroidectomy, I bought myself a SUPER AWESOME MEGA COOL cycling kit as impetus to get back on the bike. It’s the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition kit.

Yes, yes. I’m a girl. So yes, having a cute new outfit is definitely a good motivator. 🙂

I only did about thirty minutes of hills but that is a start! Here are some pics of my super adorable extra cool “costume” (as the 8 year old put it).

So yeah. That shower caddy is pretty cool huh

I got matching arm warmers, too.

Do you have certain cycling clothes that you prefer above the rest? What makes them cool to you?

6 thoughts on “My Super Cool Cycling Costume

  1. I like bright colors, like yellows, I have an Alaska Jersey with yellow background and with mountains (and a bear) and a field of colorful flowers which is my favorite. You look lovely by the way.

  2. You’re rocking the roadie look! Very aerodymanic and lovely. Me, it’s baggies all the way. At 3 mph uphill, I’m not caring so much about the wind resistance!

    Discovered last week that my cycling gear is the only ‘outdoor activity’ clothing I own – climbed a (smallish) mountain in my 3/4 baggies and DHB cycling jersey!

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