Traffic sign: Slippery when wet

Alright, so it’s not exactly a cycling related sign but I took the picture when I got lost cycling around Schoodic Point in Maine.

Click to see full size image

Oh man. I just love the graphic of the stick person slipping into the water. And that water is C-O-L-D. Trust me, you don’t want to fall into the North Atlantic. No es bueno.

Also to clarify, Maine’s coast consists of large boulders, the “beaches” are GORGEOUS. Click here if you want to see even more pictures of my cycling adventures in Maine.

And trust me, those sea gulls at Schoodic Point would make off with your infant if they thought the child was edible. The sign warned you ahead of time! Beware of the gulls!

One thought on “Traffic sign: Slippery when wet

  1. did the DNR put up this sign? LIFE is slippery! Maine is awesome but the seagulls and scenery of Lake Superior is superior. 🙂

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