Getting Lost in Schoodic Point – Part 1

Schoodic Point (pronounced ‘skoodick’) is a part of Acadia (pronounced ‘ahrcadia’) national park in Maine (pronounced ‘mayne’). It’s off Route 1 in Northern Maine, across from Nova Scotia, Canada. I spent just about every summer for most of my life hanging around this part of Maine, since my family has a cabin up there; I never biked the area, though.

UNTIL NOW! I rented a trusty Fuji from a not-so-local bike shop in Southern Bar Harbor (prounced ‘bah hahbah’) and was excited to bike from where our camp is (near Milbridge) down to A(r)cadia and back.

Lightly concerned about my cell phone’s battery already being low, I decided to venture forth anyways. I mean, hey – I spent every summer here for 25+ years. I know my way around! I won’t get lost! I’m FINE! I have some gel and water and a bonk bar. I’m gonna be FINE.

Not a traffic light in sight

Ohhhh famous last words.

So first of all, it is wonderful biking in Maine. I biked possibly a bajillion.. maybe a bajillion and a half.. miles without ever coming to a stop light. In fact, I’m not sure I even SAW a stop light the entire journey. The image indicates the wide open road encountered. Note the lack of cars, stop lights, pedestrians, and gaze upon the extreme abundance of trees.

Sadly, no Moose/Bears/Deers/Live Porcupines were spotted. Just dead porcupines.

Also, don’t be fooled – that road is NOT flat. Lots of lovely rolling hills. Just steep enough you will switch gears, but challenging enough that you don’t get bored (and you stare at the side of the road to distract yourself and see lots of dead porcupine).

While cycling down Route 1 towards Schoodic, I started to stare at all the road signs.
The first one that really caught my attention was a sign proclaiming that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS AGAINST THE LAW and that you will end up in jail. No, I didn’t manage to get a picture of it (Mom is going to go back and get a pic). It was a legit road sign, complete with a picture of “jail”. Ladies – remember, it’s against the law to hit your husbands, k??

I keep on biking and apparently there is a winery/brewery up ahead. All I could think about was the perfect combination of alcohol and domestic violence. Fabulous.

Keeeeeeeeeep on biking, and I finally turn into A(r)cadia. woo hoo! Progress!

This adventure is too much to contain in one post, so check back/sign up for updates/scan the Facebook page for more!

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