Contador tests POSITIVE!

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Who, me??

Three-time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador of Spain tested positive for a banned stimulant while winning this year’s race and has been suspended by cycling’s governing body.

A World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited lab in Cologne, Germany, found a “very small concentration” of clenbuterol in Contador’s urine sample on July 21 at the Tour, according to a statement from the UCI.
But the amount was “400 time(s) less than what the antidoping laboratories accredited by WADA must be able to detect,” the cycling organization said.

Both Contador’s A and B samples tested positive and the cyclist has been “formally and provisionally suspended,” the UCI said.

lenbuterol is not a steroid but does have anabolic properties that build muscle while burning fat. It is commonly given to horses to treat breathing problems. In medicine, it is used to treat asthma. In similar ways to stimulant drugs such as amphetamine or ephedrine, it can increase the heart rate and body temperature. Athletes and body builders are thought to use it in combination with other performance-enhancers such as growth hormone and steroids to build and define muscles. It is listed by WADA as an anabolic agent that is prohibited for use by athletes at all times, both in and out of competition.

Oi vey. What do you think?? Guilty? If stripped of the title, I guess that mean Schleck would de facto win le tour?

3 thoughts on “Contador tests POSITIVE!

  1. This is just so frustrating. I hate cheating.

    I’ve had Albuterol (I’m assuming it is similar) when I had pneumonia and bronchitis at the same time.

    Made me feel like I could break a mountain in half….so I can see how it would give an edge LOL.

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