Can’t you read?? Bikes only!!

What does the image say? Oh, that's right: Bikes Only

A wonderful article was posted about a rollerblader getting ticketed by police for rollerblading on the BIKE path.

Check out the quote from the chick that was busted rollerblading on the bike path:
“If they want to start enforcing this, they need to do it in a fair way. They’re not being fair by not properly informing citizens. No one I’ve talked to knows about this.” She also wants “new signage that clearly states rollerbladers, skateboarders and other non-bikers are not allowed.” Wah wah wah!

Lady – Are rollerblades, skateboards, and joggers the same as bicycles?



Also, check out the comments people made!!

Ranging from comments like “It’s about time the police started enforcing the “bikes only” law”
“I am posting just to say that you Bikers are real jerks … Just like how you yell “LEFT!!” and then ride as fast as you can away …Please go back to the east coast or whatever lame place that breeds you inconsiderate _______ (insert foul language).”

Ironically, I am from the east coast. And also, last time I posted about this it turned into a crazy flame war. hah!

You know what I have to say to that?

What do you think? Should it be bikes only? Or should the bike paths be opened up and clarified for all wheeled people? Also – vote on the poll to your right!”

8 thoughts on “Can’t you read?? Bikes only!!

  1. I went running earlier today at Balboa Park (Sepulveda Dam). I park on Burbank in the eastern parking lot. There is a fence there where you can get to the fenced in dirt jogging path. I need to double check but I’m fairly certain that the fence has a ‘no bikes’ sign. It also has one of those slotted openings that is difficult to get a bike through. Its about 2 miles. During that time I passed 3 bikers. (1 child, 1 cyclocross, and 1 mountain bike). They kick up a bit of dirt and annoy me slightly (not as much as unleashed dogs, but I won’t go there). Eventually the dirt ends and I need to do about a mile on the bike path to get back to my car. The path was filled with walkers, joggers, strollers, rollerbladers, 1 razr scooter, and a skateboarder. Of all of them, I would have to say that walkers and rollerbladers were the worst. Walkers tended to go side by side, taking up massive space. and the rollerbladers swing their legs out a bit. The issue is that there is no sidewalk, only bikepath.

    So I would vote for enforcement when there is a sidewalk available. Bikepath only and they have no choice.

  2. Wow they think it’s rude to say “left” when passing and then continue on your way? I think they need to crawl back under the rock they have obviously been living for the past years of their life. I agree that walkers are the worst, rollerbladers I’ve never had a problem with though. Most walkers walk 3-5 abreast on the trail I ride, which takes up both lanes, which yes, they have been marked as lanes. I do find the old couples that walk cute and sometimes amusing. Especially when the husband pushes/pulls the wife out of the way even though I give them 3-5′ of space from the way they were walking originally.

    As for bikes only paths, there are a few places where Seattle has designated bike only paths right next to foot traffic paths, only problem is, they didn’t give any thought to the traffic on either path going both ways, so it’s worse than the normal multi-use paths.

  3. what’s wrong with letting someone know you’re there and passing? The most courteous thing someone can do. Person submitting must be painfully aware of their slow speed and feeling guilty for their own lack of cycling gusto.

  4. You asked so I’ll chime in, the paths should be shared by bikes and other outdoor recreationists, we are all in the fun world of outdoor sports together. These trails are too expensive to be the domain of only cyclists. If you want to go fast, get on a road and let er rip, or put your bike on rack and head to the country. What’s next, “Fast Cyclists Only” ?

    Signed a serious roadie.

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