Bendy bike of the future?

Wrapped around a street light

Interesting article about a bike that bends in order to extra prevent thievery, which as we know is a serious issue.

Also, you won’t have to remove your front wheel, which is a pain in the butt, and could also help with storage (gosh knows my bikes take up some space, even with my cool bike rack). I also like the idea of an integrated lock that is part of the bike.

Sure, I’m not going to buy this bike and go cyclocross or do a century, but if you are an urban rider, this would be pretty sweet.

What do you think? Lame or cool concept?

One thought on “Bendy bike of the future?

  1. They need to make a bike that converts into an article of clothing, eliminating the need to lock it up. Sorta like an unpowered Robotech Cyclone bike.

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