Bike Art: Cyclist Obelisk = Cyclisk

The city of Santa Rosa unveiled a new piece of public art … an obelisk made out of recycled bicycles that stands 60 feet tall.. called Cyclisk. Get it? Cyclist + Obelisk = cyclisk. Uh huh.

To quote the artist, the art is to be “Made of recycled bicycle gears, rims, frames and hoops, [Cyclisk] will be a series of intersecting rhythms – a visual metaphor for the human experience – technology and the humanities – history and the future – individual and collective. Evoking a ‘world of possibilities,’ it will be a work communicating to all walks of life – all ages, relevant for years to come….”

Hmmm. Uh huh.

Click to see a bigger picture

What do you think? Cool or lame?

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