Hello from China!

Hi All,
Just found out that Facebook is BLOCKED in China. Been hanging out in Asia for the past few days, and am heading over to Bangkok today. Hence why I haven’t been able to post to the ThrownChain Facebook group.

Lots of cyclists over here, as you can imagine. It was raining so it was intriguing to see everyone biking while holding an umbrella (or have an umbrella mounted to their bicycle). They also have an elongated seat so they can have a passenger on their bicycle.

Visited a huge company that specializes in electric cars, and saw hundreds of bikes parked (the bike commuters). NONE of the bikes were locked. In communist china, bike is safe.

Hope everyone has a great week. Got another update lined up to automatically post, so keep your eyes peeled.

Kap kum ka! (Thank you, in Thai)


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