Translation Needed

While cruising around Los Angeles on Labor day and stopped at one of the many traffic lights Los Angeles has to offer, I noticed the cyclist in front of me. What makes him VERY noticeable are the two wheels he has attached to his back pack.

My first thought was – “Great… guy stealing bike wheels”. But if you take a close look at him, he’s a legit cyclist. I took a picture from inside my car to share with ya’ll.
I SUSPECT that they are a spare set of road tires for his bike (which I THINK had mountain-type-y tires on).

Any other ideas on what is going on here?

nice legs

7 thoughts on “Translation Needed

  1. I think you’re right. On a full-susser with off-road tyres whilst carrying red-rimmed (nice!) wheels with hybrid type tyres… either for his current steed or the commuter bike he’s building in his garage.

    Or… he’s paranoid about punctures and has never learned what tyre levers are for.

    Or… he’s playing a practical joke on his training partner, who unbeknownst to him has had his flash wheels replaced with circa 1970s solid rubber ones.

    And his legs aren’t that great.

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