Street (FAIL) Sign of the Day: 7

Today’s street sign of the day is a slight deviation from the norm – this is about FAIL signs!

It's obvious there is a plot here to kill cyclists

While riding around the city of Los Angeles, I often feel that the city planners not-so-secretly want to kill off cyclists by placing signs in the most inappropriate places. So.. you are trying to tell me, by putting a sign with a bicycle on it on Melrose, that as a cyclist, I can bike on Melrose? And do what… die? get doored? hit a hipster? Yeesh.

In the picture to the right, it’s pretty apparent that there is a need to kill the cyclists. What if there is oncoming traffic? They will have to stop. And I am embarrassed to say but I’ve hit one of those types of poles before. No fun.


At least there is some equal opportunity hate here. Cars go splashy, bikes get to cross the bridge in peace. I agree heartily with this sign. Don’t get me wrong, I own a car, but I really hate driving. And my car hates me, too. The engine light came on AGAIN last night. I JUST PAID $700 TO FIX YOU LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AGO! EFF YOU CAR!

This is not a street sign

The picture on the right is not a street sign, but I have a feeling this ‘sign’ would get more attention than the boring yellow things on the side of the road. I’ve seen interesting debates about wearing shirts with ‘messages’ for motorists and how it would just piss off motorists more. What do you think? Yay or Nay on wearing shirts (or in this case, no shirt) with messages for motorists?

Have any pictures of FAIL street signs, especially as it applies to pedestrians/cyclists?

This is just funny, in a sad FAIL way.

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