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So for some reason I can’t recall, I have decided to start training for a (sprint) triathlon. I mean hey.. I can swim, I can bike (duh) and I could slog my way through a 5k. So I did a 5k.. and did terribly. I went to a tri-training swim in the ocean, and really thought I’d end up shark food. I am still working towards the goal of a tri, but lemme tell yah – not easy.

So I decided to interview someone that just finished her first triathlon, and is on to conquer bigger and better!! I bring you Lindsay – a 20something Los Angelino that conquered surf and sun to complete her tri. And most importantly, this is how she got into cycling. Why do a tri?
Lindsay: Over the past few years I’ve gotten into running. I started doing half marathons. Last summer a surfer friend of mine convinced me to start swimming with her at a local pool. I had never been a swimmer before, but I’ve been surfing since I was a teenager and thought it’d be a great cross training workout. I went to a ocean speed circuit that was part of LA tri club and I LOVED it. Everyone was so fit and in shape and I just thought to myself how I could totally be a triathlete, too.

By the end of the summer, I competed in my first race (an aquathlon – a swim / run race) and loved it. From there I figured I was already 2/3’s of the way there, so why not go for it and try my hand at a triathlon.
I just like new challenges in general so I put a triathlon on my bucket list How did you prepare
Lindsay: The one thing that was completely foreign to me was the bike. I knew I had running and swimming down and was committed to making sure I did both of those activities at least 2-3x /week. The bike was a different story because I’ve never ridden a road bike before. I’ve always been one of those people who sees cyclists on the road and gets annoyed that they are taking up the lane, so the thought of becoming one was just crazy to me.

I decided to take an intro to road biking class through REI adventure school to get used to the idea of riding on the road. I found that a lot of people in the class had similar concerns and were in the class to get over their fears and get more comfortable being on the road. I ended up loving the class and the feeling of being on a road bike. They are so light and fast! I had been researching road bikes for months but at that point I got serious about buying one.
Anyway, to get back to the question…to train for the bike I rode a stationary bike at the gym until I got my own bike.

she runs, she swims, she biiiiikes! What was the hardest part during the tri?
Lindsay: The hardest part during the tri for me was the transition coming off the swim, running in the sand, and getting ready for the bike. I was out of breath and needed to take a couple seconds to calm down, take some sips of water, and mentally prepare for the bike. It was my first race so I wasn’t competing for a time goal, I just wanted to finish. How did you feel after?
Lindsay: It feels amazing! The end of the race was such a high for me. I had my boyfriend, parents, and our golden retriever Bailey at the race cheering me on. So many of my friends and family called me to see how I did. I was really touched by how much everyone supported me in my efforts.
I’ve always admired the level of fitness that triathletes have. I trained hard, I changed the way I eat, and I focused hard on my training. I feel different and that I can no longer go back to my old ways and habits. I’m a triathlete now! Would you do it again?
: Hell yeah! I’m already registered for Malibu in September. Now you’ve done a sprint, do you want to do more?
: Absolutely. I’d like to try my hand at an Olympic and maybe do a 1/2 Ironman one day Tips for those who want to do a tri?
: I would also like to mention that I started seeing a trainer 2x / week for strength training and overall conditioning because I felt that it was important to have a strong fitness base when training for a triathlon.

Awesome! Thanks Lindsay, and congrats!

Readers – have you ever done a triathlon? Any tips for us? Or are you interested in doing a tri or duathlon?

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  1. I watched my first (half) Ironman in Providence, RI this past weekend. I was moved to tears watching these people finish. I don’t know if I’ll ever compete, but I have a huge amount of respect for these athletes. For now, I’m enjoying my weekly bike commute.

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