Headwind: Friend or Foe?

While riding around Palos Verdes today, which is a bunch of hills overlooking the ocean, I was getting blown around and beat up by the wind.

Headwind is that ridiculous gust of wind that seems to come at you regardless of the direction you are going that grinds you to a 16MPH ride versus 20MPH (or however that translates into running, for you jogger people).

But I decided a few weeks ago that the headwind is my friend! Here are a few reasons why you should enjoy that gusty guster:

  • Provides resistance training
  • Makes me appreciate my aero bars more
  • Airs out the.. musky..areas
  • Cools me down
  • Helps blow away snot rockets

Any other reasons why the headwind is your friend?

11 thoughts on “Headwind: Friend or Foe?

      • It definitely does impact…feels like you're lifting your feet off the ground and not getting anywhere. If I'm running in baggy clothes, I feel like a kite!

  1. If there's headwind I usually get it on the tail end of a ride and I hate it. 22-30mph because of tailwind is nice… but when I turn around and am running at 75% anyways it sucks to have headwind slowing you down to 16mph or less. Makes me think that my legs scream out "WTF are you doing to me?" every time I do a ride like that. Just wish Seattle had more consistent weather so I could get out on the trail more… commuting 5m each way to school is fine and dandy, but only getting my 50 mile weekend rides in once a month sucks

    • 100% agree that it sucks eggs to be caught in a headwind when you are trying to get home and are in that last leg. but but.. think of the additional calories it's helping you burn?? LOL

  2. Enemy, during my training for tour de oc, some in front of me spat, this rider had five seconds on me, the wind caught the flying saliva and threw it on my left arm and legs. Yuck.

  3. Ahh, finally figured out how to reply to your posts. Nothing in particular to say, execpt I enjoy reading them, many nice laughs you have given me. Well I do have a comment, too bad for Lance, but lets go Levi! A Calirornia boy like you (except you are a girl)

    • Woot! I only run satire/humor sites; life is too short and I love to make people laugh and smile. Thanks so much for the comment and I hope to see many more comments. Levi road amazingly today; Lance's luck sucked (he was so scraped up by the end , ouch).

      Nor Cal or So Cal?

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