Holiday Gift Guide for your Cyclist

That time of year is upon us!! When delicious food tempts you from all corners and societal pressure mandates finding the perfect gifts.

Here are some gift recommendations for that cyclist in your life. Or for yourself – because that way, you KNOW you are getting what you want under that tree! *cough* Santa! *cough*
Gift guide for your cyclist

1. Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25 oz Bottle – This honestly keeps my water cooler, longer. Even after an hour in 90 degree temperature, the water in the bottle was still cool to drink (versus the disgusting bathwater that the other water bottle became). Get the LARGER size – fits more water in a bottle without taking up that much more real estate. I am never going back to regular water bottles.

2. LuminTrek Trailblazer 1000 Lumen LED Bicycle Light – With daylight gone by the time you are out of work, a 1000 lumen light is the next best thing to the sun. Seriously, it feels like you are biking during the day, this thing is so wonkin’ bright. Your cyclist will be safe on the road with this bad boy – it’s like driving with with a car headlight strapped to the bike! NOTE – bike lights of this high intensity are not cheap, and come with a bike mounted battery pack. They are worth it!

3. Topeak Mini 9-Function Tool – I am surprised at how many cyclists I come across while riding that have NO tool kit at ALL and then something needs to get tightened/fell off and yay, I’m a savior. But what if I didn’t ride by?? With a lil mini tool kit, there is no excuse to not stick this in your back jersey pocket. Have at least the basics, in case you need to adjust a pedal or seat. And this is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

4. Sun Sleeves – Tan lines suck. Having to constantly re apply sun block to your arms sucks. Just wear UV protective arm covers instead. These are light and airy, so better for warmer/hotter seasons and do a great job protecting your arms. I never leave the house without them if I know I’ll be riding for more than an hour.

5. Road ID – I don’t leave home without this thing attached to my wrist. Not only does it bring ME peace of mind, it will bring you peace of mind while your cyclist is out there, somewhere, biking around. Honestly, regardless of what sport activity you participate in, this thing is almost mandatory.

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