The Male vs Female Bike Gear Model

While flipping through Road Bike Magazine a few months ago, I came across the ‘gear for chicks’ section they had. All I could see was this beautiful, sleek model wearing suspender shorts….standing on her toes. WHY was she standing on her toes? Was she emulating wearing high heels? In bike suspender shorts? It was so…strange. And forced.

Today, while perusing for deals, I came across MORE ridiculous female poses. Here is a comparison of the female vs male models posing in bike gear.


Do you find me sexy, baby, in this bike jersey? If you wear this bike jersey, you will be sexy, too!

I don’t even understand this picture. Her weight is on the front foot, why are her shoulders like that, and she has that weird grin? THIS PICTURE MAKES MY HEAD IMPLODE!

Now the dudes:

I see…. silly looking females in the pictures above me…

This man has never ridden a bike in his life. Cyclist dudes don’t tend to have abs like that. In fact, this image is kind of gross. x.x I think this is the male equivalent of the chicks standing on their toes.

I don’t know why but it looks like he is wearing swimming flippers. But at least he’s not in a completely stupid pose.

GIVE ME BETTER CAPTIONS FOR SOME OF THESE PHOTOS! What do you think – is this stupid sexism in sports photography or am I over reacting??

One thought on “The Male vs Female Bike Gear Model

  1. As we can see in the first photo, this form-fitting attire is often worn to help the tannins release from the grape itself during the first press of the season in Eastern France.

    The second photo illustrates that, yes, even this smirking bettie poops.

    Third down: In reference to the first photo, this number is also available in other colors should the need for cold pressed blueberry juice arise.

    Speaking of a rising trend, the first gentleman’s salmon stripe speaks to the modern rider with a sense of urgency – only outdone by the casual flip of brimmed headgear, said to help ensure his survival within the asphalt ecosystem.

    The second gentleman needs no introduction, as one often strains to reverse any visible signs of camel-toe.

    Last but certainly not least, is this year’s crowning achievement resulting from countless hours of research into the Tritapalong event. Shuffle-ball-chain after a vigorous cycle, run and swim never looked so dapper as this popped-collar mystery man.

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